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Agenda of for the days events and their "expected" times.

Sunday August 2nd 2009

12:00 - Groomsmen prepare at house, last minute changes are handled and rectified.
3:00pm - Guests may arrive at any time. Final preparations.
3:45pm - All guests should be on property and gather at ceremony location.
3:55pm - Hung-over groomsmen will march into position
4:00pm - Steve will be "freaking out" as he makes his final approach.
4:05pm - Bridesmaids start processional
4:08pm - Robin (bride) will magically appear from down the driveway
4:10pm - Ceremony begins
4:12pm - Ceremony Ends (LOL)
4:15pm - Pics with family and bridal party. Guests socialize, appetizers and drinks.
5:00pm - Guests, and family should find seats for dinner.
5:15pm - Opening announcements from Master of Ceremonies. Grand introduction.
5:45pm - Buffet / BBQ dinner
7:45pm - Guests to be seated for formal speeches
8:00pm - Formal speeches
9:00pm - Cake cutting, opening waltzes
9:15pm - Party, party party!!

Monday August 3rd 2009

2:00pm - Gift Opening - This will take place at our house.
(3315 Torpy Rd.)